Borough Local Plan Update

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We, along with other organisations have submitted a response to the Regulation 19 process of the Borough Local Plan. Although, the total submission is 630 pages, we urge you to read our 28 page summary which is available here.


If you wish to read the Submission Borough Local Plan, it is available to download from the RBWM website, here:




Leading QC says “approach to consultation process is unlawful”

RRAG took advice from John Hobson QC, of Landmark Chambers, and received a written Opinion from him which stated that the process of consultation which the Council [RBWM] is undertaking does not comply with the requirements of the relevant regulations. It is “unduly restrictive, misleading and fails to accord with regulation 20 in particular. The present consultation process should be abandoned and a fresh consultation process commenced”. John Hobson's Opinion is available to read in full here.

We sent this Opinion to the Borough on Friday 21 July, together with a letter from the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government who also clearly stated that “there is no limitation as to what topics of the plan residents may comment on”, and we asked the Borough to withdraw the consultation.

This is what the Borough has finally decided to do; but it’s regrettable that it took a legal opinion to convince them to change their minds. Even now, the wording used by the Borough is highly technical and is not inviting to local residents; they may be adhering to the letter of the law but certainly not to its spirit.


Maidenhead Golf Club

One of the sites proposed for 2,000 units under the

current BLP

The BLP will change the

character of our Bourough beyond