It has been claimed that having an approved Borough Local Plan will somehow ‘protect’ against planning applications like the recent application to develop Claire’s Court. Cllr Coppinger, the Lead Member for Planning, spoke on this topic at the ‘Cox Green says NO’ meeting held on the 30 January 2018, stating that there is a golden opportunity for developers in this window before the BLP is approved.


Unfortunately, Cllr Coppinger’s argument is as unsound as the proposed Borough Local Plan: just to be clear, an approved Borough Local Plan will NOT stop developers from applying to build, the only thing a BLP might do is to prevent a developer relying on the lack of a 5-year housing supply as a reason to permit development. This argument is usually made in relation to windfall site applications, rather than applications in Green Belt.


Cllr Coppinger may have made an honest mistake – regardless, he has misled not only the Cox Green residents but also the wider community, and he should now apologise.


We are awaiting a response.


The Letter included a copy of the 10 Affordable Housing Questions our Council refuse to answer and our 28pp BLP Submission.

We are awaiting a response





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The BLP will change the

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