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As you know RBWM is currently consulting with residents on a wide range of proposed changes to the Borough Local Plan (Submitted Version). The consultation runs from Friday 1 November 2019 until midnight on Sunday 15 December 2019.


So – there are less than 3 weeks left for you to have your say and ensure RBWM knows what you think about the proposed changes.


We have now spent time reviewing the proposed changes in detail. We think that taken overall the proposed changes will make for a better plan. It is clear to us that RBWM have taken on board many of the issues we – and you - raised previously e.g. there is now a much better policy on Affordable Housing, Density, Tall Buildings, the Housing Topic Paper and Employment Sites, amongst other things.  Policies make allowances for the role played by Neighbourhood Plans which is really good news.

As you know we are reasonable people and we are happy to acknowledge the improvements and give praise where it is due. However, that said, there are still some big and chunky issues that cause us concern, such as:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Air pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Density of development in many areas
  • Protection of the Green Belt
  • Flooding

From our point of view traffic and air quality are the burning issues and they are inextricably linked to the proposed housing numbers and the housing sites. If RBWM wants to build 14,120 houses with associated commercial, retail and other services across 40 sites over the next decade then we absolutely need guaranteed improvements to the roads and robust measures for tackling air quality.


Sadly RBWM’s Strategic Transport Plan is nothing more than a wish list with price tags produced in the full knowledge that RBWM does not have (or know where to get) the funding to deliver the essential improvements. RBWM admits there is a significant existing problem with traffic congestion and that the proposed housing numbers will have an adverse impact, but their approach to providing mitigations is largely dependent on factors entirely outside their control such as changes in resident behaviour i.e. switching from cars to other modes of transport like the bus.


We are sorry to have been so quiet over the last few weeks but we have been busy working on our response to the consultation - and we encourage you to do so as well.  Please write to the Council setting out your views, and wherever possible, giving local examples of how issues affect you and your family.


You can submit your comments in different ways depending on what is easiest for you.


Online - using the consultation portal at: http://consult.rbwm.gov.uk/portal


Download - the response form at: http://rbwm.objective.co.uk/file/5513840


Write – a letter or an email

Scan and email forms to: blp@rbwm.gov.uk


Maidenhead Golf Club

One of the sites proposed for 2,000 units under the

current BLP

The BLP will change the

character of our Bourough beyond